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Paint Rock Forest

Recently visited the Paint Rock Forest Research Center and found it to be truly amazing. The variety of trees there is astounding, and the research being carried out on the forest is world class. I am looking forward to hopefully returning and doing some dendrochronology.

man coring a small tree

Hinds Road Outcrop

This cool sandstone glade area is home to a nice stand of Boynton’s Oak (Quercus boyntonii), which is an endemic (to Alabama) oak. Most of the Boynton’s oaks at the site are only about 4-5 feet tall at most and tree-ring dating indicates they are between 75-120 years old.

Grenoble, France

After visiting WSL I traveled to Grenoble France to attend theĀ PAGES-Cross-Community Workshop on past flood variability. This was an amazing meeting of scientists mostly from Europe, but some others studying floods mostly from a historical or paleo perspective. ( I learned a great deal at this meeting and very much enjoyed Grenoble. The food was

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Got a chance to visit the world famous (at least among dendrochronologists) WSL (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research) labs in Birmensdorf, (near Zurich) Switzerland. My former MS student Matt Meko is training at the lab onĀ x-ray densitometry techniques.The WSL facility is world class in every respect and the dendroscience they are

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Dauphin Island Audubon Sanctuary

If you have never been to Dauphin Island, Alabama, it is a very cool place. I had not been there since the late ’80s (except to fish nearby) and had forgotten how cool it is. the Audubon bird sanctuary is especially cool. During the spring and fall migrations it boasts some of the highest bird

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