Fluvial activity in major river basins of the eastern United States during the Holocene

Super cool meta-analysis of fluvial reconstructions focused on regional watersheds of the eastern United States, by UA PhD student Ray Lombardi, published in Holocene.

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Streamflow Variability Indicated by False Rings in Bald Cypress

In this paper we use baldcypress to develop a false ring record extending from 1881 to 2014. All 20 of the false-ring events recorded during the instrumental period occurred during years in which greatly increased streamflow occurred late in the growing season. Many of these wet events appear to be the result of rainfall resulting from landfalling tropical cyclones.

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A record of flooding on the White River, Arkansas derived from tree-ring anatomical variability and vessel width

In this recent paper we look at inter-annual tree-ring anatomical variability and vessel width in overcup oak (Quercus lyrata) and river flooding at a bottomland hardwood forest site near the confluence of the White and Mississippi Rivers.

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Letourneau Woods, KY

James and I went up to southwestern Kentucky to sample a bottomland hardwood site for our Mississippi River flood ring project. There were some really nice overcup oak in there but most were not nearly as old as we had hoped. Still an amazing bottomland site and glad KY is protecting it.

Bucks Pocket

  James and I went up to Bucks Pocket State Park to sample white oak for flood scars for the Tennessee River paleoflood project we are part of. It was just what you would expect in July in Alabama-hot and sweaty! But we made a great collection that is going to result in some really

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The search for Fort Armstrong: Dendroarchaeology of the Williamson “Snow Hill” Plantation, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA

Discussed this project in an earlier post. Matt Gage from the UA Office of Archaeological Research and I carried out some tree-ring dating on three historical log buildings in northeastern Alabama to determine if any of the structures could have been associated with historic Fort Armstrong. Fort Armstrong was constructed near Cedar Bluff, Alabama by militia members under

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Cane Creek Canyon

  Took my physical geography class up to Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve and had about the best hike of my entire life thanks to Dr. Jim Lacefield. Jim and wife Faye are the owners of Cane Creek and Jim is the author of the most amazing book on Alabama geology (Lost Worlds in Alabama

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Ancient Red Cedar

Went up to sample on Redstone Arsenal for our Tennessee River flood project and found some fantastic old Red Cedar (Juniperous virginiana). This sample was 0ver 330 years old when it died (note all the sapwood is gone). Who knows how long it has been sitting here perched on these rocks. perhaps centuries. Once we

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Cat Island

Went to sample Overcup Oak (Quercus lyrata) on Cat Island in Louisiana with Dr. Margaret Devall. This site is right next to the Mississippi and there is no levee here, so the trees really get impacted by frequent and high-magnitude flooding.

Big Bur!

One of the best trips I took this summer was to Columbia Missouri to see my good buddy Mike Stambaugh and take a sample from the huge Bur Oak cross section they have in their lab. This tree was the National Champion Bur Oak until it died in the early 1950s. It had been growing

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Grenoble, France

After visiting WSL I traveled to Grenoble France to attend the PAGES-Cross-Community Workshop on past flood variability. This was an amazing meeting of scientists mostly from Europe, but some others studying floods mostly from a historical or paleo perspective. (http://www.pages-igbp.org/ini/wg/peat-carbon/160-initiatives/working-group/floods/1277-floods). I learned a great deal at this meeting and very much enjoyed Grenoble. The food was

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Got a chance to visit the world famous (at least among dendrochronologists) WSL (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research) labs in Birmensdorf, (near Zurich) Switzerland. My former MS student Matt Meko is training at the lab on x-ray densitometry techniques.The WSL facility is world class in every respect and the dendroscience they are

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