A multi-century tree-ring record of spring flooding on the Mississippi River

In this study, we present a novel, annually-resolved tree-ring record of spring flooding based on anatomically anomalous “flood rings” preserved in trees growing about 60 km downstream of the Mississippi and Ohio River confluence. Our chronology records 39 flood-ring years between 1770-2009 including nearly all of the observed significant floods of the 20th century as well as severe floods documented in prior centuries.Therrell, M.D., Bialecki, M.B., A multi-century tree-ring record of spring flooding on the Mississippi River, Journal of Hydrology (2014),
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.11.005

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Dendrochronological potential of Millettia stuhlmannii in Mozambique

This study investigates whether M. stuhlmannii is potentially useful for dendrochronology— that is whether this species forms annual growth rings that are responsive to external forcing such as climate.Results of this study indicate that M. stuhlmannii is a potentially useful species for dendrochronology.Trees DOI 10.1007/s00468-014-1150-7

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Oxygen Isotopes in Tree-Rings in Zimbabwe

Our study has demonstrated that α-cellulose δ18O values in in tree-rings of Pterocarpus angolensis growing in Zimbabwe are accurate recorders of meteoric water δ18O, both seasonal and annual precipitation amounts, and summer mean temperature.

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More White River

In addition to sampling live trees, we were able to find a few dead standing snags and downed logs to sample. Hopefully these will help us get farther back in time than the living trees. For more pics see https://plus.google.com/+MatthewTherrell/posts/1yHufupf55b

White River National Wildlife Refuge

Had a “great” trip to the WRNWR to sample old overcup oak (Quercus lyrata) along Scrubgrass Bayou, and by great I mean we didn’t perish though I thought we might at times given the lightning and terrible heat, insects, and noxious plants. Matt Meko is shown coring a nice mature overcup. For more pics see https://plus.google.com/+MatthewTherrell/posts/1yHufupf55b

Lakeport Plantation

If you are into old plantation houses Lakeport Plantation in eastern Arkansas is one of the finest restored examples in that state. A few years ago Dave Stahle and I used tree-rings to date the construction of the main house. It was built almost entirely of bald cypress, and nearly every log was cut in

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Climate and the Mfecane

The mfecane is thought to be a massive upheaval and devastation of Nguni tribal chiefdoms in the second decade of the 19th century in what is now KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We show that pervasive cycles of drought and cold periods in southern Africa are significantly amplified and extended by volcanic

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