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Selected Publications

two fluvial activity charts

Fluvial activity in major river basins of the eastern United States during the Holocene

Super cool meta-analysis of fluvial reconstructions focused on regional watersheds of the eastern United States, by UA PhD student Ray Lombardi, published in Holocene.

a microphotograph of baldcypress tree rings

Streamflow Variability Indicated by False Rings in Bald Cypress

In this paper we use baldcypress to develop a false ring record extending from 1881 to 2014. All 20 of the false-ring events recorded during the instrumental period occurred during years in which greatly increased streamflow occurred late in the growing season.

measurement of earlywood growth

A record of flooding on the White River, Arkansas derived from tree-ring anatomical variability and vessel width

In this recent paper we look at inter-annual tree-ring anatomical variability and vessel width in overcup oak (Quercus lyrata) and river flooding at a bottomland hardwood forest site near the confluence of the White and Mississippi Rivers.

woman coring a tree

Coring baldcypress in the Sipsey River

Went with the DRL gang plus folks from to core baldcypress for Zach Foley’s QWA project, and got pretty muddy, but got a great collection for his project looking at development of false rings.

Mahsa Mirzakhani

Great time coring southern Alabama log buildings!

Had a great time meeting up with colleagues (@MRochner86; @dendrotrog; @L_tulipifera et al.) to sample some southern Alabama log buildings the other day. We will use these collections to increase the length of regional long leaf pine chronologies and hopefully provide some information about the construction history of these early Alabama structures. We cored log structures at the Wehle Tract (an Alabama Forever Wild property), the Loachapoka Pioneer Park, a private residence in Montgomery and Popes Tavern and the Karsner-Carroll […]

man cores bald cypress tree with increment borer

St Johns River

Went down to Orange County Florida with some undergrad students to investigate potential for old bald cypress on the St Johns River. Found some nice old bald cypress and about a million alligators!

cedar tree overhanging Tombigbee River

Ancient Red cedar on the Tombigbee

Saw some really nice old red cedar along the chalk bluffs above the Tombigbee, near Epes, Alabama. They are near the historical site of Fort Tombecbe. It would be interesting to see if any were around when the fort was operational. They certainly look old enough to have been witness to that era.