Longleaf Tree-Ring Network

The LTRN is a collaborative research working group focused on tree-ring research of longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.)

Our principal objectives are:

[1] increase public availability of extant but unpublished longleaf tree-ring chronologies,

[2] update and extend previously-developed records,

[3] develop new records within geographic areas without representation,

[4] explore the development of longleaf records based on new and emerging tree-ring methods (e.g. earlywood/latewood and false-ring chronologies),

[5] conduct a suite of broad-scale analyses of longleaf across its geographic range, and

[6] promote the value and utility of longleaf tree-ring records to other stakeholders who may benefit from awareness of their potential application (e.g., researchers in relevant fields, land managers).


Our working group currently includes nine core group members:

Grant Harley, Matthew Therrell Principle project facilitators

Justin Maxwell,- dendroclimatology

Monica Rother Michael Stambaugh- fire history

Arvind Bhuta, Nichole Zampieri- dendroecology

Tommy Patterson, Maegen Rochner- dendroarchaeology/cultural studies


Initial Collaboration

Our initial collaborative projects includes the development of a database of longleaf tree-ring record information and the underlying records in the form of chronologies and ringwidth measurements, a manuscript reviewing the longleaf tree-ring literature and introducing the project, and a potential “Data Description” article detailing the available data.

We invite researchers willing to contribute data to the project to be co-authors on the review and/or data description manuscripts. In cases in which tree-ring data were developed by multiple researchers, co-authors associated with any individual dataset will be agreed between the data contributors and the LLTRN project facilitator (G. Harley) before signing the data sharing agreement. Co-authorship will be offered for the LLTRN data paper or the LLTRN review paper, and will not automatically be extended to any publications that analyse the resulting datasets. Authorship of any future publications that analyse the resulting datasets will be agreed upon by project members as they are developed.


Data Sharing Agreement


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