Ft Armstrong?

One of the cool projects that I have worked on since moving back to Alabama focuses on using tree rings to date the construction of  a group of historical log buildings. I was asked by the AL Office of Archaeological Research to attempt to determine the construction history of three log buildings that were once a part of Snow Hill Plantation and are  currently located at Noccalula Falls State Park and Little River Canyon Center. There was some speculation that these buildings may have been built as early as the eighteen-teens. If true these would be among the oldest extant buildings in the state. having collected tree-ring samples from each of the buildings we are now in the process of determining whether they are in fact that old. Besides being able to determine the age of buildings, the tree-ring samples we take from these buildings may help us make longer tree-ring chronologies than we could using living trees. For more pics see https://goo.gl/photos/yRTHpf4WmKvzc1sc7